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Why you should be strategically planning to grow your business

If you want to maximise your company’s chance of success, you should have a concrete plan in order to sustain the future of your business. Formalising your strategic plan for growth will enable you to achieve your long-term goals. Here are a few reasons to encourage you to do just that.

Provide direction

Without direction, employees will be unmotivated and confused about what is expected of them. A strategic business plan will clearly set out the path that the company intends to take, encouraging and motivating employees to work harder to help achieve this success. As a business can never expect to follow a straight path, the best strategies are flexible to facilitate change. This change can then also be anticipated by employees as a result of your business’ clear strategy.

Improve communication

Without a strategic business plan, your employees will be able to set their own haphazard targets. Different areas of the company will remain separate and your business will fail to function as a united entity. A solid business plan will enable your employees to work together to achieve the same outcome and avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Minimise risk

Strategically planning to grow your business minimises the risk of failure. Formulating a plan enables you to make sensible financial decisions, such as knowing when the best time is to expand and employ new staff. Rather than making decisions based on intuition, this plan can help your business to make decisions based on fact. 42% of failed start-up businesses believe that the main reason for their failure was a failure to do market research.(See source here) You can learn from the mistakes of others and take time to form a strategic plan that is based upon insights about your customer base, the market and your financial situation.

If you are a business based in Swindon that requires financial assistance to enable strategic growth, contact Nigel B. Butler today. Our team of accountants can arrange a free no-obligation consultation where we can assess your requirements to help achieve your long-term goals.

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