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Payroll Tax Penalties – Who Pays Them, and How to Avoid Them?

Paying payroll taxes on time is important, but there are penalties for late payments. Who pays them? What are they called? How can you avoid them? The HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) has a list of all the penalties that can be applied to businesses that don’t pay their taxes on time. There are…Read More

IR35, How It’s Going So Far

So IR35 is now in force, and there are mixed feelings about the changes. For some employers, this has meant a positive change with their payroll costs reducing, as they no longer need to pay the employment rights of contractors on top of what they would have paid if those people had been employed by…Read More

How to Budget If You Are Self Employed – 7 Top Tips!

Are you self-employed and looking for helpful tips on how to budget? If so, you have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will share seven of our top tips on how to budget effectively if you are self-employed. Keep reading for insights that can help you stay on track financially and…Read More

Common VAT Questions and How to Answer Them

VAT is a common topic for businesses and entrepreneurs across Europe, but it’s not always easy to know where to turn when you need help or advice. If you want to learn more about how VAT works, this article will help you with 4 common VAT questions and how to answer them. 4 Commonly Asked…Read More

How to File Your Tax Return

Wondering how to file your tax return? Read this guide for simple steps. Do you need to file a tax return? Before going through the process, let us settle a rudimentary question made by all, do you need to file one? Taxes are generally deducted from wages and pensions automatically at source for employees and…Read More

Don’t Let These Common Payroll Mistakes Cost You

If you’re an employer, it’s important to be on top of your payroll. The last thing you want is to be faced with tax penalties or even prosecution for non-compliance. Here are the most common mistakes made when it comes to paying your employees. Mistakes in payroll documentation Payrolls should be accompanied by documentation that…Read More

Why Bookkeeping and Accounting Matters?

Money is a part of every business in some way. Every company has income and expenses that must be reported and cash flow that must be managed. Every company, from small companies to large corporations, must manage these things. Technology advances and automation of processes may be causing the accountancy industry to decline, according to…Read More

What Is Tax Return?

People often get frustrated by tax documents because they are complex and confusing. The tax laws do more than just add up your income and determine if you were taxed by the right percentage; they also include deductions and additions for specific actions. Work-related expenses, like rent or gas mileage, can be deducted by self-employed…Read More

What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

You are probably not the only one confused about the difference between accounting and bookkeeping. Corporate practice and daily transactions have muddled the nuance between the two. When it comes to financial matters, we tend to shy away from them because of their technical and jargonistic language, making it hard to understand much less give…Read More

A guide to client accounting services

As a small or medium business owner, you’ve created a successful model based on your competency and structure through delivering the products or services you went into business to sell. You are ready to grow your business enterprise but lack the accounting or financial experience to make an informed decision on your next step. You…Read More

Why Is Hiring An Accountant Important?

Are you dealing with financial troubles? Is your company having issues with taxes? It may be time to consider hiring an accountant to help you. Learn more about what accountants are and how they can help you, your business and everything financial that goes on.  Hire a certified accountant today with Nigel Butler. Call us…Read More

Bookkeeping in accounting?

What is meant by Bookkeeping in accounting terms? Bookkeeping involves the documentation of a company’s financial dealings into their finances, fees or charges carried out daily. It may also refer to the various recording and reporting techniques that a business uses. As well being a legal requirement, keeping your financial records updated, can help you…Read More

What are the 4 types of accounting?

A lot of companies are now outsourcing their accounting because of the numerous benefits it can bring. There are many types of accounting but today, we’ll talk about the main types you should be familiar with, as well as the various accounting services that you might need. Governmental Accounting. This is the type of accounting…Read More

Brexit and the Financial Services Industry

Before the end of 2020, the UK and the European Union successfully conquered the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Although this is a major milestone in our effort to split from the EU, Brexit has left us with several issues that we need to be concerned with, particularly in the financial services sector, a sector of…Read More

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