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Don’t Let These Common Payroll Mistakes Cost You

If you’re an employer, it’s important to be on top of your payroll. The last thing you want is to be faced with tax penalties or even prosecution for non-compliance. Here are the most common mistakes made when it comes to paying your employees. Mistakes in payroll documentation Payrolls should be accompanied by documentation that…Read More

What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

You are probably not the only one confused about the difference between accounting and bookkeeping. Corporate practice and daily transactions have muddled the nuance between the two. When it comes to financial matters, we tend to shy away from them because of their technical and jargonistic language, making it hard to understand much less give…Read More

A guide to client accounting services

As a small or medium business owner, you’ve created a successful model based on your competency and structure through delivering the products or services you went into business to sell. You are ready to grow your business enterprise but lack the accounting or financial experience to make an informed decision on your next step. You…Read More

Understanding your accountancy requirements

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